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What's going on at Paintball City?

Welcome to paintball city.

Gurnee's newest and best paintball field.
Our goal is to provide a safe, clean, and fun paintball experience.

Paintball City is a 36,000 sq/ft astro-turf, indoor paintball facility located in Gurnee, Illinois. We have two paintball arenas that can be combined into one large field for larger groups or teams. Paintball City offers services to all players from the beginner to the advanced player. We can assist you in hosting birthday parties, corporate events, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and team practices. Paintball City offers two different paintball markers: .68 cal markers and the all-new, low-impact .50 cal markers. The .50 cal paintball markers are lighter and shoot a smaller paintball that stings less than the typical .68 cal marker, making it the ideal choice for beginners and younger players. Our armory is stocked with the latest markers, masks, and protective gear to ensure you and your group have a great experience. Our trained staff is more than happy to assist new players to help them play better and grow the sport. Finally, our facility is equipped to meet all safety requirements so that everyone on and off the field is safe and has a fun time. Whether you're a new or advanced player, Paintball City is the place to be. Drop in today and check us out! See you on the field.

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    We make sure everyone is safe and having fun!

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    Play paintball without breaking the bank!

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Meet the Crew.

We're here for you!
Mike LaLond
Mike loves paintball. Listen to him talk for any amount of time and you’ll know for sure. That’s why he opened Paintball City: to share his passion for paintball with the community and to see the sport grow. You can catch Mike watching players with a huge smile on his face because he knows they’re having a great time on the field.
Aaron Rosales
Referee / Social Media
Aaron is our social media wizard. He refs occasionally (and totally loves it!), but his real passion lies in getting people hyped to play paintball. If watching any of the videos he’s made make you want to get up and go paintballing, Aaron is happy. (He’s also a rad paintballer)
Mike Verstraete
Mike LOVES paintball and has been playing regularly for the past five years. He not only enjoys playing, but watching as well. An all-around athlete, Mike’s #1 sport and passion is…you guessed it: paintball.
Lenay Trevithick
One of the first faces you see as you walk into Paintball City is Lenay’s. She is a powerful lacrosse goalie and a magnificent musician. She has been apart of a band for more than 6 years with playing her bass clarinet. She loves to give advice to new players with both lacrosse and even paintball.
Aaron LaLond
For someone who has only recently started in the sport of paintball, Aaron skill has greatly increased, and he’s only getting better. We’re glad to have him as a part of our team because he’s always looking out for the customer to make sure they have a great time playing the sport.
Michael Ralls
Mike (geez how many Mikes do we have around here??) is a college baseball player with a mean pitch and a love for paintball (he’s played the sport since the 6th grade). You’ll see Mike watching others play, but you’ll see him ON the field more often!
Oscar Vicario
Web Designer
If there’s anything that will get your adrenaline rushing, you can count Oscar in. A creative mind, he enjoys designing as well as playing Golf and Paintball.
Jesse Toledo
A simple man, Jessie is only really passionate about 2 things. Paintball, and cars. If he’s not out grinding on the field, you can find him at a car meet or working on his own ride.
Amy Hiett
Another friendly face you meet as you first walk into Paintball City is Amy’s. Amy frequents Paintball City as a regular player because she loves being able to get her frustrations out on the field. She also loves meeting a lot of nice people!
Jorge Renteria

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